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RF-MRBTAD Driver Problem


I have bought the RF-MRBTAD for my PC with Win7 64-Bit.

I cannot make the adaptor work having tried the below.

Normal Win drivers ( Cannot pair with any of my devices)

Installation CD drivers ( Cannot pair with any of my devices)

Broadcom driver provided by Rocketfish website ( Cannot pair with any of my devices)

It only worked when I installed Bluesoliel 8.

Can you help with a driver because it doesnt make sense to pay 20 Euros to Bluesoleil to make my Rocketfish work!!!!

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Re: RF-MRBTAD Driver Problem

Hello Zas58097,


Just to clarify, you can install the drivers (Windows 7, CD, or Broadcom) and the RF-MRBTAD shows that it is installed properly, but it will not pair with other devices? However it will pair with the 3rd party software.


If this is the case I would recommend uninstalling the 3rd party software, unplug the adapter, then restart your computer. After restarting the computer plug the adapter back in, this should re-initialize the device and allow you to use the Windows 7 Bluetooth manager to pair with a device.


If it still doesn't work properly after this let me know and I will forward it on to our engineering team.


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