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RF-G1179 Bidirectional Mini Drop Amplifier

I just purchased this product and it cleared up all my digital cable problems.

The input to my amplifier is the cable line from the pole.  However, this is outside - so I have the ac adapter plugged into an outside socket.  I would prefer to have minimal plugs/wires outside if possible due to rain and snow.

I saw that some motorola amplifiers can use a remote power source - power supply/ power inserter inside the house and then the power runs through the coax cable. 

Does the rocketfish amplifier also have this capability?  It has the output1/pwr in and I was wondering if this is for remote power?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: RF-G1179 Bidirectional Mini Drop Amplifier

Hello bhurdle,


It will depend on the device that you have connected to the "Out1/PWR IN" port, but yes it can be powered via coax from an external source. The following note is from the manual regarding your question:


"Note: This amplifier can be powered by DC current provided through the coaxial cable connection of certain components; however, not all components provide this DC current. If you do not receive power from your component, it will be necessary to power the amplifier with the included AC adapter."



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