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RF-G1182-C resolution limited

I recently purchased the RF-G1182-C HDMI splitter.  My planned setup is to take an HDMI signal from my PC and direct it to a Samsung monitor and LG TV.


When either the monitor or TV alone are plugged into the PC directly, windows shows resolution options up to 1920 x 1080.  However, when I have the PC HDMI signal going through the splitter, resolution is locked at the lower 1280 x 720.  It doesn't seem to matter which device is plugged in to 'Out 1' (I understand from the instructions that the lower resolution device should be plugged into 'Out 1' as the EDID resolution data comes from that device).


Is there any way to get the resolution higher when using the splitter.  Even if I unplug the TV and just have the monitor (which definitely supports the higher resolution) going through the splitter by itself, I still cannot change the resolution.



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Re: RF-G1182-C resolution limited

Hello at47,

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The Rocketfish splitter should not be affecting the resolution settings. It is simply acting as an intermediary to allow the other devices to communicate with the source, while splitting the signal. There are no settings to adjust on the splitter.


How recently did you purchase the splitter? Do you still have the receipt? If you are within the store's return timeframe, I would recommend exchanging the unit so you can verify that the unit is not defective. They may also be able to help you test it in the store. 

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