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Troubleshooting HDMI switcher and soundbar with no sound

I have a Samsung tv (PN50C450B1D) and sound bar (HW-J550) above my fireplace. TV does not have hdmi arc, so they are connected by optical cable. HDMI connected to TV comes out of our wall on the other side of the room. From there, that HDMI cable runs into a Rocketfish switcher. Then cable box, Apple TV, and Sony DVD player are connected to the Rocketfish switcher. Everything was working fine (albeit we had several remotes we were using), then we had to disassemble everything because we had to clear out the room to have our carpet replaced. Now that we've reassembled everything, we only get sound when we toggle the Rocketfish switcher to Apple TV. No sound when we toggle to the cable box or DVD player. We thought maybe the Rocketfish went bad, so we changed up where we input the HDMIs into the Rocketfish slots, but same problem...still only got sound when we toggled to Apple TV. Thoughts?? TV video is set to HDMI and audio to Digital. TV also set to audio through external speakers. Thanks all!

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Re: Troubleshooting HDMI switcher and soundbar with no sound

Hello ses1717,

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Once of the best ways to test if the signal is coming through properly is to set the audio to the TV speakers. Then cycle through the Rocketfish inputs and see if the proper audio plays. If it does not, unplug the power to the TV, Rocketfish, and all 3 sources for at least a minute. Then plug in and turn on all 3 sources first, then the Rocketfish, the TV. Once these are all three on and booted, does the sound operate normally? 


Do you know when and where you purchased the Rocketfish switch? Do you still have the receipt?

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