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receiver shuts down

I've been using the Rocketfish forabout a year and in the last week, the receiver shuts down shortly after I turn on the system. I turn it on again with the red power button and it stays on a little longer and then shuts down, Usually the 3rd time I do it it stays on. What is causing this, do I need to get a different reciver? Ikniwthe 3rdtime is a charm, but it is a pain.

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Re: receiver shuts down

Hello MotoMel,

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Can you provide the model number for your product? It should start with RF-.


Try unplugging the unit for at least a minute. Also try the unit in a different outlet. Is the power cable hardwired or removable? If it is removable, unplug it and re plug it, making sure to get a good connection. 

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