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RF-WHP01 signal interference.

Hi, I have RF-WHP01 headsets that are dropping conneciton with the base units for no apparent reason.  The light will be solid green with the sound coming through perfectly, then the green light will suddenly start blinking for no reason. The connection may be solid a few minutes later or after a long wait.  there is no periodicity.  two of the sets are less than 30 days old...which i bought because i assumed my third set had gone bad after two years of heavy use. i think the units are working as designed but something else is interefering with the signal.  i have even tried using the headset within 5 feet of the base and the same problem occurred (solid signal, loss of signal, solid signal etc...all without me changing any thing.)

do you have any suggestions?


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Re: RF-WHP01 signal interference.

Hello carafri,

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The first thing you want to check is your headsets are fully charged.  Then you want to try and eliminate any other possible interference sources.  Common interference sources are wireless routers and cordless phones and can generally have their broadcast channel changed to avoid interference.  Try unplugging other devices that may be a source of interference one at a time until the issue stops.  Then you will know which device is causing the signal to drop and can adjust its broadcast channel.

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